Why are ISKCON Devotees involved in 'Idol Worship'?

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna movement, is a worldwide spiritual organization that promotes the practice of Bhakti yoga, which involves devotional service to the Hindu deity Krishna. As part of their spiritual practice, many ISKCON devotees engage in idol worship, or the practice of worshipping deities through physical representations such as statues or icons.

Idol worship is an important aspect of Hinduism, and it is seen as a way of focusing the mind and heart on the divine and as a means of seeking blessings and spiritual upliftment. In ISKCON, devotees view Krishna as the supreme deity and seek to cultivate a deep connection with him through devotional practices such as idol worship.


Hare Krishna ISKCON Marble Statue
ISKCON devotees believe that the divine energy or presence of Krishna can be invoked and experienced through the idol, and that the idol serves as a tangible manifestation of the divine. They also believe that proper devotion and rituals, such as offering flowers, incense, and food to the idol, can help to purify the mind and heart and bring one closer to Krishna.


For many ISKCON devotees, idol worship is an important part of their spiritual practice and helps them to cultivate a deeper connection with Krishna and the divine.


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